July 2023


Trichoscopy Benefits for Hair Disorders: A Window to Your Hair’s Health

Discover the wonders of trichoscopy: non-invasive hair disorder diagnosis for healthier, happier locks. Unveil your hair's hidden story today!
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How to clean a hairbrush top methods for a fresh and healthy hair

Discover the top methods to clean a hairbrush for healthy and lustrous locks! Our article guides you through effective techniques, including natural solutions, vinegar, baking soda, and more. Say goodbye...
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Beyond Minoxidil: Holistic Hair Growth Guide

Discover the truth about minoxidil for hair thinning. Unmask its drawbacks and explore a more effective solution – shampoos with antimicrobial agents that target the root cause. Take the quiz...
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Discover the Magic of Rosemary Water for Hair Growth

Are you tired of dealing with hair loss and thinning hair? Look no further than rosemary water, a magical solution for hair growth. Rosemary water is a natural remedy that...
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unlock the secret to get thicker hair 11 expert-approved products revealed

Unlock the secret to get thicker hair 11 expert-approved products revealed

Are you struggling with thinning hair and longing for a fuller, more voluminous mane? You’re not alone. Thinning hair can be caused by a variety of factors, including genetics, nutritional...
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scalp microneedling the ultimate guide to the latest hair-growth trend

Microneedling has gained widespread recognition as a mainstay skin rejuvenator, primarily for the face and neck. However, its benefits extend beyond facial aesthetics, as microneedling has emerged as a promising...
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The Ultimate Guide to Scalp Care for Healthy Hair Growth

Discover how scalp health is pivotal in maintaining overall hair health. Learn the importance of proper nutrition, regular brushing and specific treatments with this comprehensive guide from advanced trichologists on...
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The most common causes of hair loss, explained | advancedtrichologist

Learn how to identify and address common causes of hair loss with help from an experienced trichologist. From genetics to lifestyle changes, get the facts on why you're losing your...
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The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Male and Female Pattern Baldness !

Discover the causes and treatments for male and female pattern baldness. Learn about androgenetic alopecia, hair loss, and female pattern hair loss . Find solutions for pattern baldness and alopecia...
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