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The World Trichology Society (WTS) was formed to educate, support and promote trichologists, while also giving the public easy access to the names of competent and ethical hair specialists.

The organization works to achieve its goals by providing educational materials to people who not only seek to contact Certified Trichologists, but who also seek reliable and up to date information regarding hair and scalp related issues.

The World Trichology Society offers four different courses which can be taken remotely from anywhere in the world and are overseen directly by the Society’s President.

The course, which has been accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and by Bauman Medical and Hair University are: Associate Trichologist, Full Trichology Certification, Advanced Trichology Course and Doctor Of Health Science (D.H.S.).

The Associate trichologist diploma

The Associate Trichologist Diploma does not qualify you as a Certified Trichologists but offers a basic course for hairdressers, cosmetologists, health-care professionals, and all those wanting to learn more about common hair loss and scalp conditions.

At the end of the course an optional two-day trichology workshop is available at Dr. David Kingsley’s trichology center in New York.

The syllabus for this course includes:

  • Introduction to trichology
  • Anatomy & physiology of the hair
  • Genetic hair loss
  • Alopecia areata
  • Telogen effluvium
  • Traction alopecia
  • Dandruff and other common scalp conditions


The Full Trichology Certification

The Full Trichology Certification on the other hand, gives students the tools to practice trichology and to actively help clients/patients with hair loss and scalp issues. All those who successfully complete this program are recognized as Certified trichologists and are therefore able to use the prestigious ‘WTS’ suffix after their name.

The course is divided in two parts, a 5-day clinical training seminar in New York City at Dr. David Kingsley’s clinic and a distance-learning program.

The subjects examined will be the following:

  • Introduction to Trichology and the trichological sciences
  • Anatomy and physiology of the human hair and scalp
  • Hair loss conditions and their causes
  • Hair fiber disorders
  • Scalp disorders
  • Scalp conditions
  • Treatments for hair loss
  • Treatments for scalp problems
  • Trichology consultations
  • Operating a Trichology center


The Advanced Trichology Course

The Advanced Trichology Course is for all those who are already Certified Trichologists, or hair loss specialists, who wish to further their knowledge and better help patients, while also improving product sales.

Through this course, students will learn how to recommend and read blood test results trichologically, understand important medical conditions that may influence hair loss, as well as analyze and discuss specific case histories.

The course is divided in two parts:

  • Blood (Laboratory) tests for the trichologist
  • Examination, recognition and treatment of hair loss conditions.


Doctor of Health Science (D.H.S) course

The fourth course available at the World Trichology Society is the Doctor of Health Science (D.H.S) with a personalized concentration in trichology. This course, which is the world’s first post-graduate degree that incorporates courses in Trichology, is carried out in partnership with Huntington College of Health Sciences and has been accredited by the USA’s Distance Education and Training Council (DETC).

The course is aimed at Certified Trichologists with a Master’s degree, healthcare providers associated with the hair and scalp, scientific researcher, dermatologists, primary care physicians, hair restoration surgeons, or dermatology industry representatives with Master’s degree or equivalent.


World Trichology Society members

The World Trichology Society supports its members even after they have completed their course by regularly providing them with worldwide updates on the latest developments in general health and hair loss and scalp research.

Each member is held to a strict standard of clinical conduct and ethics and, for the benefit of clients/patients, members are also encouraged to promote interdisciplinary interaction between trichologists, physicians and other specialties.

To verify whether a trichologist is an active member of the World Trichology Society, simply visit their website and check their listings.

If a person’s name cannot be found among the listings than he or she is neither a member, or an adjunct or an associate of the Society.


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