Best Trichology Products

What are the best Trichology products?

Most people are dealing with multiple causes for hair loss and simply don’t know it. In order to stop hair loss and encourage natural hair regrowth, ALL THE REASONS behind hair loss must be blocked. This means that typically one single product may not be enough. You must treat all reasons for hair loss to be successful. 

Below is a list of products that are recommended for each type of hair loss. They include DHT Blockers, Vitamins, Essentials Fats, Topicals, and other growth stimulants. If you ever see the Top Product seal, then you know it works.


The following are products which we believe to be the most complete, natural, and highest quality solutions available to stop hair loss and support hair regrowth in each category:

DHT Blockers (addressing Hormonally Related Hair Loss)

  • Advanced Trichology DHT Blocker with Immune Support
  • Advanced Trichology Nutraviv Scalp Serum

Nutritional Hair Loss:

  • Advanced Trichology FoliGrowth Vitamin
  • Advanced Trichology Ferritin
  • Advanced Trichology Vitamin d3 Sublingual 5000 iu

Inflammatory Hair Loss:

  • Scalp Therapy Conditioner for fuller hair and scalp health by Advanced Trichology
  • HairStem Shampoo for hair loss and thinning hair by Advanced Trichology
  • HairStem Follicle Stimulating Spray by Advanced Trichology
  • EFA Complete by Advanced Trichology

Growth Stimulants:

  • Advanced Trichology HairStem PM & PMb Scalp Serum Topical Treatment Pack for Thinning Hair
  • LC Elite 80 Diode Laser non-pulse LaserCap

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