Alopecia areata


hair treatment for hair loss

From Thinning to Thriving: The Ultimate Guide to Treating Hair Loss

Discover the Top Hair Loss Treatments for Women. From Medications to Holistic Approaches - Learn How to Regain Your Confidence Today
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types of hair loss

Types of Hair Loss: Symptoms and Treatments

Hair loss is a frustrating issue that affects many people. There are various types of hair loss, each with different causes and treatments. Androgenetic alopecia, Telogen Effluvium, Alopecia Areata, and...
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Alopecia Areata

How Many Types of Alopecia Areata Are There?

Alopecia Areata (AA) is a very common hair loss condition that is said to affect about 7 million people in the USA alone. It is the second most common cause...
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Itchy scalp

Itchy scalp: Causes and connections to hair loss

Itchy scalp or scalp pruritus is a common complaint for which individuals seek a trichologist or a dermatologist consultation. Epidemiological studies conducted in France showed that more than 25% of...
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Alopecia Areata in children under the age of 4

Hair loss is a fairly common condition that sadly does not exclude children, and can also affect very young minors, even those under the age of four. Although for a young child,...
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Does sleep quality have an impact on Alopecia Areata?

There can be many reasons behind a person’s hair loss. Everything from an hormonal imbalance, to vitamin deficiencies to certain lifestyle factors such as exercising, medications, alcohol or drug abuse...
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The Psychosocial burden of hair loss

Alopecia or simply hair loss is a relatively common complaint that affects members of both genders in masses. It is a cosmetically displeasing condition that can significantly impact someone’s confidence...
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is there a connection between allergies and hair loss?

Is there a connection between allergies and hair loss?

Do allergies and hair loss have a connection? Autoimmune diseases and inflammatory conditions are more common than you might think. They can affect any organ in the body, including the...
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JAK inhibitors, A Promising Cure for Treating Skin and Hair Conditions

Alopecia areata, atopic dermatitis and vitiligo are dermatological conditions that can be easily noticed on patients, which directly impacts their health, as well as lifestyle, negatively. Fortunately, a new promising...
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