PCOS and hair loss. Why is it happening what can you do about it.

PCOS and hair loss. Why is it happening what can you do about it.

PCOS and hair loss unfortunately for young women go hand in hand. When you are dealing with PCOS hair loss as a young female, that typically is related to DHT or hormonally related loss. You have to understand why it’s happening. For the average female typically androgenetic alopecia, or female pattern loss, would not happen until you are of the age 35, but when you have PCOS you end up changing the normal levels of estrogen and testosterone production in your body because PCOS typically leads to higher testosterone and then lower natural estrogen. When that happens you end up seeing an out of balance ratio which normally would be about 8 to 1 estrogen to testosterone in your bloodstream and that is what normally gives you this very high level of estrogen protection against testosterone and DHT. However, when you have PCOS that changes in that out of balance issue is what ultimately leads to you dealing with genetic hair loss earlier than you should be. With that being said, how do you fix it? If you’re dealing with PCOS and you’ve already gone through all the treatments might be on metformin you might be on Spironolactone, you may have changed your diet and done some things to try to control it but you’re still losing hair… how do you fix it? Well, from a hormonal perspective you really have to drive at it from attacking DHT. I’m going to recommend a pharmaceutical and a natural route. The natural route is simply consuming an oral nutritional supplement called the DHT blocker with immune support. Take two in the morning two at night with food and that is going to help block the amount of DHT binding to the hair follicle receptor site internally so it doesn’t have really a major systemic influence. It may accidentally balance out your hormones a little bit but really it’s designed to decrease the impact of DHT on the hair follicle.

Additionally, you will need to use a topical DHT blocker to help block the impact of that DHT on the hair follicles, so the topical DHT blocker I’m recommending is the Nutra M, for melatonin which is also a topical scalp serum. You would apply that typically twice daily to the areas of loss on the top of the scalp and you’ll massage it in. It leaves no residue whatsoever but the 1st 90 days or recommend usually twice daily morning and night but then after that you can kind of go onto a maintenance mode where it’s simply a nightly application.
You can use a supplement like the Foligrowth vitamins that protect you against nutritional loss but ultimately you have to get those blood tests when you have PCOS.


PCOS Hair Loss Full Protocol Recommendations:
DHT Blockers:
• DHT Blocker: https://www.advancedtrichology.com/products/dht-blocker-vitamin-with-immune-support-saw-palmetto-and-green-tea/?rfsn=4043086.8a86fb
• NutraM Scalp Serum: https://www.advancedtrichology.com/products/nutram-melatonin-hair-serum/?rfsn=4043086.8a86fb
• Severe Case: Spironolactone: use as prescribed by your physician

Nutritional Possibilities
• FoliGrowth https://www.advancedtrichology.com/products/foligrowth-ultra-hair-growth-vitamin-with-high-potency-biotin-folic-acid-and-26-herbs-and-vitamins/
• Vit D3: – https://www.advancedtrichology.com/products/liquid-vitamin-d3-5000-iu-180-days-supply/?rfsn=4043086.8a86fb
• Ferritin:. https://www.advancedtrichology.com/products/ferritin-5mg-60-count/?rfsn=4043086.8a86fb

Blood Tests:
• Ferritin: https://www.advancedtrichology.com/products/ferritin-test/?rfsn=4043086.8a86fb
• Vit D3: https://www.advancedtrichology.com/products/vitamin-d-25-hydroxy-calcidiol-blood-test/?rfsn=4043086.8a86fb
• Blood Type: https://www.advancedtrichology.com/collections/blood-tests-no-prescription-required/products/blood-type-test-abo-grouping-and-rh-typing/?rfsn=4043086.8a86fb

Growth Stimulants:
• PM Formula: Use the NutraM in the morning and PM at night. Apply to 1mL to all areas of the scalp that you want to regrow hair. Shake vigorously prior to use. https://www.advancedtrichology.com/collections/topical-scalp-serums/products/advanced-trichology-pm-formula-5-minoxidil-with-retinoic-acid/?rfsn=4043086.8a86fb
• LC Elite Laser: 10mins twice weekly for the first 90 days. Then 20 mins twice weekly thereafter https://www.advancedtrichology.com/collections/laser/products/lc-elite-laser-cap-80-diode-fda-cleared/?rfsn=4043086.8a86fb

Be sure to take before photos in a well-lit area of your home that you can repeat again with the same lighting, same camera, and same angles again in the future such as in the bathroom or kitchen. I recommend taking photos immediately to capture your current state so that we can clearly track your progress in 6 months. Our objective is noticeable results and this is the best way to track that.

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